The Haute Cuisine of QuickTrip

Man Under Stress would like to take a moment to salute the continuing evolution of gas station haute cuisine. On a recent late night trip back from Athens, GA. after a Magnapop show, the twin forces of hunger and impending urination conspired to provide more than enough reason to pull over at a QuickTrip on Highway 316, otherwise known as Jesus Highway. Going for more substance than just a bag of chips, coffee or soda, I realized very quickly that the QT had a plethora of innovative, quite edible, and possibly even tasty food products, to service your munchies with.

Take the Taquito for example. They lie on a bed of rollers, right next to the very fresh and plump looking hot dogs, looking like, well, burrito dogs? But further inspection reveals that they are a burrito/quesadilla hybrid product, specifically designed to take advantage of existing hot dog roller bed technology. Genius. Or if you are lucky enough to be hitting the QT in the late/early blur of morning, the Jalapeno and Cheese Sausage Roll looks dynamite. There are many edible looking sandwiches as well, not to mention the racks of usual bar-b-q and cheese dusted crispy crunchy things.

We at the Man::Under::Stress late night food product research group, would like to see more roller bed product innovations in 2005. We would first like to see the burger dog brought back, as first witnessed at Kangaroo in the early 1990s. One does not have difficulty imagining such a revolution: cheeze blintzes, bologna roll-ups, pigs in a blanket: the sky is the limit.