Weekend Calendar

Big Weekend at the EARL.

It all begins Friday night (well, I guess you could go tonight and see the Orphins) with Magnapop, Brain Box, and The Deadenders.

Saturday, 25 of us smelly musicians will meet at the EARL whenever we drag ourselves, or are dragged, out of bed to pick bandmates out of a hat for a little event called ROCK LOTTO. Basically we make teams, start drinking, put a set together, and perform it at the Earl later that night.

Recover from all of this with a bloody mary at Sunday Dunch, where william r. joyner and his lonesome yodelin’ blues will keep you company.

Too much to do you say? Too much holiday shopping to get finished? I’ve never even owned a xmas tree. Fuck that crap. The holiday season is for drinking and drinking only. You hear me bitch? Buy Nothing Christmas has the answer to all your consumer delusions. Or if you insist on buying shit for someone, get them an Earl T-shirt. Who wouldn’t want one of those?

Rock Lottery
Saturday, Dec. 18th

Front People
Brooks Meeks (The Close)
James Trigg (Jupiter Watts)
Blake Rainey (Young Antiques)
Anna Kramer (Anna Kramer)
Gabe Aldridge (Unicorns! the Musical)
Rob Mallard (Tag Team)

Brian Fletcher (Luigi)
Chad Williams (Magnapop, Lientious Five)
Kevin Wallace (Humble Canon, Ruvolo)

Jeff Holt (Silent Kids)
Ben Jastatt (Ruvolo, The Long Knives)
Shane Pringle (Tiger Tiger, Tag Team)
Cain Wong (elevado)
Jonathan Vance (Divided Like a Saint’s)
Michael Oakley (Silent Kids)

Scott Rowe (Luigi, Magnapop)
Shannon Mulvaney (The Roy Owens Jr.)
Thad Thompson (The Shut-Ups)
Benjamin Price (Deadpan Alley, Disguise the Sky)
Leroi (Life is Wonderful, Radio Om)
Susannah Barnes (The Black Kites)

Grab Bag
Trey Tidwell (The Forty Fives)
Renee Nelson (Envie)
Zach Hollback (I Almost Saw God in the Metro)
Maryn Vance (Divided Like a Saint’s)
Clay Fowler (Ruvolo)
Apollo DeLucia (Apple-O)