Magnapop: Lommel, Roeselare

So I forgot to mention the interview with Studio Brussels which happened the day after the first show. We get up way too early for rock tour and haul hours away to SB HQ. It’s a generic corporate building on the outside but pretty mod interior, and you can tell from the designer jeaned, moppy haired staff that this ain’t no ordinary working-for-the-man place. This is working for a Delegator of Cool… all the difference. Some folks take us around and buys us cokes and whatever from the small cafeteria area, they have charge cards that pay for everything, no cash. For whatever reason we are playing without drums. I’m irritated at that but don’t seem to have a choice. So the band plays some songs, electric, with no drums, and then we do the interview, during which Ruthie saves the day by getting the national anthem question right.

Anyway, back to Lommel…

The AC/DC cover band did a fine job, including “For Those About To Rock” complete with cannon. Cannons rule, by the way. They are second to no other large scale battle weapon of antiquity. Since this was under a tent, the cannon was all noise, with only a few sparks emitted. Reminded me of my Land Speeder days, when we started using homemade pyro that got pretty out of hand sometimes. So the Lommel Rockt set went off well. It was a two drum riser festival so I could set up and practice a little while the AC/DC band was still playing. I stayed on it while they pushed it out on stage which was funny. I felt like an emperor. I thought that would be a cool way to start the show, with all the dry ice pumping. They love the dry ice over here. Nothing like a good lung-full when you’ve been stuffed up and coughing for a week. We are good now at playing through the set with minimum delay between songs. The crowd likes it, festival crowds are great so long as there are enough people there. They always respond to the Studio Brussels radio hits like “Lay it Down” and “Open the Door” but now I can catch a few people in the audience mouthing words to the new songs. There were some 2-3K heads young and old alike, all of this put on by the Socialist Party, you gotta love government that delivers rock to the masses.

Roeselare was another Socialist Party (SPA) event on labor day. If I haven’t mentioned it, it is pretty unseasonably cold over here, and there isn’t really much in bloom. The trees in all the cities are all gnarled pruned sculptures at this point. We did pass by the tulip fields in Holland, which are just now starting to bloom in rows of red, orange, yellow. The band before us, Gung Ho, plays really good surf rock. We go on at 7:40pm to a crowd that materialized out of nowhere, just as the skies cleared. The sun even came out momentarily. We are definitely on the top of our game by this, our last, show. Playing outside is cool, when it isn’t tented. You can look into the sky or at buildings, which I find helps concentration. Lifts you out of yourself a little bit. This was right outside on a little square directly opposite some bars and cafes. Dinner afterwards was really nice roasted chicken and salad and frites with mayo. Mayo with fries is now mandatory for me. After dinner the Socialist Party peeps come in and hang out. I’m dead tonight, sick and tired and just want to sleep and there are so many people interested in talking and hanging out. Shame, but my head is full of snot. We get up at 4am to drive all the way back to Amsterdam to make the flights. Watch The Mighty Boosh episodes again in the van. Got to give props to Karen for bringing that and the Little Britain episodes as well, which is fucking hilarious. Perfect tour material. Keep people laughing and they have less time to complain. On the way back I’m thinking that I feel like shit and really want to be in my own bed, but at the same time regret having to leave and not be on some 9 month tour of the globe.

The End