Chavez, Not Hugo

Seeing Chavez play at the Warsaw this weekend was a frikkin dream come true, and the band confessed the same. They love us. We love them. Sound at the Warsaw is kind of primitive. Imagine the acoustics of a show in a high school gymnasium and you pretty much get the idea, although it didn’t really matter, it’s rock after all…suck it up. The place has oodles of character including two old ladies serving pirogies and kielbasa sandwiches behind a red and white checkered tablecloth. Don’t bother trying to stage dive or crowd surf at the Warsaw. Surly, bald, Cold War era dudes will throw your ass out immediately. The band was great, slightly sloppy at times, but full of energy. Let us all hope that this sold out show will convince them to at the very least play a few more. Or maybe the sea of James Lo air drummers.

On the crowded AirTrain back to Newark Airport some bearded dude stared at my CHAVEZ t-shirt disdainfully, and shook his head looking away. I started laughing, knowing immediately that the idiot thought that I was wearing a shirt supporting Hugo Chavez. The mistaken assumptions people make…

More on NY and pictures later. I’m recovering in so many ways.