Playa Del Carmen

Back home now. Didn’t do much the last day but find a less “bodied” section of the Playa del Carmen beach and lay there for a while. I caught about 10 minutes of beach sleep, which was good enough. Beach sleep is the most replenishing sleep of all. 1 hour of beach sleep could equal up to 8 hours of regular sleep. Overall I thought Playa del Carmen was horrible, but interesting in a perverse, cynical, survey of materialistic hedonism kind of way. If you like to go to the beach, be surrounded by lots of other Europeans and USAliens, tan your hide on a beach chair 2 feet from another hide, shop till you drop at one of the many global design powerhouses along Avenida Quinta, and end it all with some Buffettesque Margaritahead style partying at Senor Frogs, then you will love it. And you can tell people you went to “Mexico.” In fact, fact that it is in Mexico seems to be somewhat of an afterthought, although there were Mexicans vacationing there, and all the tourist knick-knack stores are certainly operated by them. But the whole consensual reality is anything but authentically Mexican, it’s just sort of Mexican themed. There is a “Drugs and Deli” though so you can pick those muscle relaxers you’ve been wanting to try, or that latest anti-depressant, and grab a ham sandwich. I think I became disillusioned somewhere after passing the second Starbucks on the same street, but before passing the second Hagen-Dazs, which incidentally wants 5 USD for scoop on a cone. But hey, give the people what they want, right? This is what democracy will have to live with… I will say this: I was treated to the best flutezac rendition of “Dust in the Wind” I have ever heard, and it brought tears to my eyes. Then I shoved the rest of my chocolate cone into my mouth, fastened my sombrero tightly to my head, and got in line for a hair weave (and maybe a few extensions.)