Little Brother

UPDATE: busted.

I am all for “little brother” when it comes to nabbing clowns like these. Several videos of them on youtube. Idiots. Still, impressively quick work.

This email is from a Grant Park resident who lives on Broyles at Orleans:’

To let everyone know and to pass the word around, our house was broken into this morning and our tv, laptop, and digital camera were stolen. We have video of it and have uploaded it to youtube in the hopes that its dissemination may help. Please forward to anyone you think may help. We are ok and our dog is fine, but to let everyone know, neither the dog nor our alarm system were a deterrent. The whole thing happened in less than 4 minutes, with the time in and out of our actual house less than 30 seconds.

The vehicle they were driving is a Nissan Pathfinder, year range 1996-2004, light in color, maybe beige, light green or silver, with a roof rack.