Be A Good Tool

I don’t even pretend to understand Generation SKINNY-jeans, and why would I? All generations should mind their own business. But I have to depart some good old fashioned world-weary advice on someone, and the interwebs are for sharing. Ready? Here it is: government is not a panacea. Just kidding. Of course it is. Save Circuit City!

Here it is really: invest in expensive tools, like DeWalt, or if there is a better brand, that. Don’t buy the cordless screwdriver that can’t even drill through jello just because it is cheap. Save yourself the agony, the extra time, and years of accumulated dead batteries and crappy tools. This extends to all tools as well, like lawn rakes, edger trimmer machines, snips for wire stuff, snips for plant stuff.

Also, don’t invest in anything besides tools at this point. Not stocks, nor bonds. Not gold, nor bronze. Maybe original art.