Crime and Punishment in Atlantis

As you might know from the Facebooks, I got burgled last week on Easter. Burgled. Ransacked. Pillaged. Crunked. All I can do is try and recreate it in my mind the way you imagine someone else’s story. Completely insufficient details. Vague and blurry images of quick footed individuals (kids? trolls? terminators? baby Jesus?) kicking in a door, confronting the stillness of an unprotected house, adrenaline, real-time assessment of valuables, the thrill of the job culminating in the absurdist gang-banger defacing of a sofa with lemonade and coke…possibly urine? Back door and refrigerator left open, an inexplicable pile of items resting by the fence in the backyard: guitar, korg, two pairs of jeans, two cans of frozen apple juice concentrate. The aftermath is like my own personal natural disaster.

The very next night I was confronted by a hooded man as I rode my bike up to a friends gathering, on the other side of Grant Park. I ignored the sketchy dude who minutes later pulled a gun and grabbed two girls purses.

Today I was pulled over for running a stop sign outside my fucking house. Simply on the way to buy a new front door, to better secure myself against the wildlife that the Atlanta police obviously cannot control. The police officer didn’t see the irony in my situation for reasons that probably made her a police officer. Atlanta has a serious crime problem, one that is obvious and undeniable to anyone living in the city limits. It is far worse than it was a year ago, or two years ago. It is quickly spiraling out of control. I don’t know what the wisest course of action is. Seems that Atlantans Together Against Crime is a start, and will at least draw media attention. Whispered words from an officer put both the mayor and the police chief to blame, for what it’s worth.