Czech Greenways Day 2/3

Mistelbach to Mikulov to Národní park Podyjí

Awoke in Mistelbach feeling hungry but had a good night sleep. Wandered down to the dining room which was typical self-serve European breakfast of cold-cuts, bread, fruit, yogurt, and eggs. They always bring you a personal pot of coffee, love it. It is beautiful outside and I hit the road as soon as possible. Somewhere between over-exitement and a typical morning stupor I missed the turn to Polysdorf, and ended up going east on the Lichtenstein Heritage Greenway. It was too nice to worry about such trivial things so I pedaled on. All bike paths meet up at the end, right? Hah, wrong.

A few long hours later and I had made it to Czech border.

Česká republika

Stopped at Restaurace Na Celnici on the border and filled up and delicious creamy ham pasta and pivo. At this point I was just of Breclav, and decided to wing it on some dirt and sketchy pavement in the direction of Valtice and avoid the road that seemed a little busy. It was a good choice I believe. Eventually found my way traversing down vineyards towards the city.


I tooled around Valtice for a minute and nice as it would have been to have another pivo, I decided on pressing forward as I’d spent a lot of extra miles off route. So on to Mikulov, but not before choosing the most difficult way out…super steep grade but I sprinted it and beat out two kids on bmx bikes. Hah!

Alas, little Mikulov in the distance.


Grab a room behind a bar without much looking around and get a Pilsner. Enough reload to attempt to climb St. Sebastian Chapel on the Holy Hill I think, and head through the cobblestone streets to find a way up. After a day of loaded touring it’s a bit of a chore, but the views are worth it at sunset.

Mikulov from above

Famished I head to center and hit a restaurant, I have some of the best ribs ever with Pilsner and fries. Couldn’t eat enough food. There is a festival going on with some bands and burčák stands everywhere, which at the time thought was some kind of gross looking juice, but turns out is partially fermented wine. Mikulov is clearly another Moravian wine country powerhouse.

Didn’t sleep too well as bed was uncomfortable and sheets shitty, got shocked by the shower in the morning. Headed towards Hotel Happy Star at the edge of Národní park Podyjí, some 60km of riding. Good stuff at first, but then industrial cornfields and beat to hell dirt roads. And the heat got HOT… Hotel Happy Star would have to do and did an ok job but sans personality. Day 3 was the “reality” side of bike touring!