Czech Greenways Day 5

Slavonice – Jindřichův Hradec – Tabor – Praha

And…there was rain. But not before a really damp, chilly, woodsy and magical ride from Slavonice thorough Landštejn Castle and into Nová Bystřice.


Lots of dark, foreboding alpine mystery.


In Nová Bystřice it really started to come down. I had met some Dutch cyclists the day before, and we held up in a cafe waiting it out. We tried at one point to break for it, and take a shortcut road rather than the Greenway path, which was a bad idea as not only did the rain double down, but the road was pretty busy.


Eventually we took the train to Nová Bystřice and went on to Tabor since the forecast called for rain the next day. I was looking forward to the Tabor – Praha ride the next day, but alas, weather did not cooperate. Had to train to Praha and then negotiate back to Bratislava.


Tip for taking bikes on trains. The Czech Republic train system is an old bureaucratic nightmare. They expect day before “reservations” even if there is available space. Get a first class ticket and you will bypass all of this nonsense! Money always talks.

This trip was wildly successful beyond my expectations. Yes, I got a bit lost, and good lord did Google offline maps come in handy…there was the rain…but for a first time bike touring trip it couldn’t have been better. Much easier than you think if you are doing the credit card thing and not hauling camping gear. The Greenways is a terrific and remote route full of really good scenery. I’ll do it again someday and take more time to explore the Český Krumlov region.