EV6: Donauradweg – The Great River Shred

Got a backlog of bike journeys I need to document. This one took place in September, 2013 and was my second week n’ change bike tour in Europe. First one was the Czech Greenways (Austria/Czech Republic) on a rental. This time I settled on following Danube, part of the EV6, mostly because it was logistically easy and supposedly beautiful. One train from Bratislava to Regensburg, Germany and then follow the river back.

The “unrealized” sections of the EV6 are often the best if you like dirt roads and wild scenery. Following the river was often more confusing than one would think, deciding which side to ride on, crossings, etc. Or as in my case in Regensburg…how to find a starting point (doh)! Signage was good for the most part, and there are many local options to choose from, but the GPX downloaded from the Eurovelo site was woefully inaccurate. It took you through towns on roads most of the time while there was often a riverside path or dirt road available for the same stretch. Simple solution: trust your gut and follow the river.

It was a great trip with lots of schnitzel devoured. Pretty steady rain for the first 6 days. Every hotel/hostel had bike storage and sometimes bike wash stations and shoe dryers. Gotta love Europe. I covered 475ish miles in 9 days, and for this trip I hauled my new Salsa Vaya Travel (S&S coupled) overseas, which proved to be quite the capable beast. Such a great bike. Even handled singletrack in Malé Karpaty (Little Carpathians) outside of Bratislava with sufficient aplomb. The only drawback I would say with a river tour is that it can be a wee bit boring. Lots of flat, straight and paved.

Overnights in Regensburg, Straubing, Passau, Linz, Grein, Wachau, Wien, and Bratislava.