Alpine Bike Route #1

I was looking for some biking to do in Europe this past summer but wanted something more off the beaten path than the typical Eurovelo routes. When I came across Alpine Bike Route 1, I knew that was it.

Being last minute and #totallyFRED I used Swiss Trails, a sorta self-guided tour thing. They make the reservations and haul your baggage from one place to the next, pick you up at the airport, bring you back to the airport at the end, etc. While in retrospect it would be fun to bikepack this bitch, I *really* enjoyed having a hotel or simple room with a bed and hot shower at the end of every grueling day. Don’t underestimate the Alps: you will climb 1500+ meters a day and it will generally all be delivered to you in 7-8 miles. Some of the grades were too steep to ride, others too technical (they were hiking trails at the high passes after all.) Any extra weight when you are doing over 30mi/day in the Alps is unwelcome…to say the least. Hardest 11 days of riding ever. Pushing 24×36 felt like mashing a track bike uphill at times. But then oh, all that sweet fast doubletrack downhill and gorgeous high mountain stoney singletrack, larch forest, mountain deities and glorious cheese. This was some Lord of the Rings Middle Earth shit.