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Black Metal Theory

How fucking kvlt are you? My guess is that while you may dabble in a little weekend corpse paint, you have yet to venture into church burning. So you long for something to consummately up the devotion, fully engaging your creative black energies, but perhaps something more legal. Welcome to Black Metal Theory, the mutual […]

Let the Right One In

This is a must see. A stark and minimal vampire “coming of age” classic. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen a better vampire film, and even without regard for genre it would rank in my top 20 movies of all time. The horror is subtle, Japanese style. Much is left to the imagination. But […]

Kelis Sex Pickle

A recent comment spam I thought I should share. I confess to being very intrigued. She neck sings, “Let’s configuration a flick case in point blocking, infant,” on the Rockwilder-produced run to mum , although don’t chronometer a Kelis sex pickle to hit the Internet anytime soon. “It’s ably-wishing of like a misunderstanding CD,” the […]

Mock Rock

You’ve all probably seen these by now, but I’ve been in the studio the last two weekends, which makes them all the more punishingly funny. The most surreal and artfully decomposed mock-ups of all time perhaps. This is the Maiden one, the Metallica is also curl up on the floor funny. Wired put them up […]

So Long People of Earth

Well, that’d be cool wouldn’t it? If I was heading off on some intergalactic adventure. Fantasies aside, I’m headed to Europe, with Magnapop, for a couple of weeks. If you’re nearby…yo- check it! Tuesday August 7 HAMBURG, DE Molotow club Wednesday August 8 JOURE, NL Café de Stam club Free show ! Thursday August 9 […]