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Ghost in the MaSheen

Initially I had high, if not unrealistic, hopes for Charlie Sheen’s enigmatic ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth’ appearance. If Sheen was the √úbermensch from Mars, as previously postulated, then his alien lexicon certainly must have a metaphysics to match. I hoped for more tirades, phantasmagorical tangents and deeper forays into Warlockian cosmology. Forget petty deliberations about […]

Dragon*Con 2009

This was the first D*Con that I actually bought a badge for, although admittedly too late and only for one day. Peachtree Center food court still I think the best place to get great candids of Troopers windin’ down, getting their Gyro on, etc. Also should have started watching the parade from Woodruff, not the […]

ATL Crime Update

Tonight I hear about 4 bars being robbed early Thursday AM. 4 in the same night! Not to mention a fatal stabbing in Piedmont Park (male-hustling related or not…we’ve all been there.) City council-lady robbed for the 3rd time in 9 months. A woman attacked during a home invasion. After being burgled, I have been […]

The Jackassery of Traffic Laws

So fucking what. Traffic laws were intended for cars, face it. Bike infractions- running through red lights, stops signs (puhleez), are effectively tantamount to inane pedestrian offenses like jaywalking. As long as a cyclist is riding accountably, who cares about traffic laws made for bigger, dumber vehicles. Anyone that thinks bikers need to obey traffic […]

Crime and Punishment in Atlantis

As you might know from the Facebooks, I got burgled last week on Easter. Burgled. Ransacked. Pillaged. Crunked. All I can do is try and recreate it in my mind the way you imagine someone else’s story. Completely insufficient details. Vague and blurry images of quick footed individuals (kids? trolls? terminators? baby Jesus?) kicking in […]