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Ghost in the MaSheen

Initially I had high, if not unrealistic, hopes for Charlie Sheen’s enigmatic ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth’ appearance. If Sheen was the √úbermensch from Mars, as previously postulated, then his alien lexicon certainly must have a metaphysics to match. I hoped for more tirades, phantasmagorical tangents and deeper forays into Warlockian cosmology. Forget petty deliberations about […]


We know why you wouldn’t watch the Tour de France, but don’t forget about the wipeouts. And in case you weren’t aware, Lance Armstrong twitters. Oh the excitement.

Child Man

What’s worse than a man-child? A child-man. The new face of the Republican party:

Parker: A Nice Human Being

I’m a big fan of online chat vs. telephone when it comes to dealing with account shit. Here I try and get the bank to drop some overdrafts, having some good fun with it. This dude was hilarious. Parker: After reviewing your account, I see that your account was assessed with the overdraft fee correctly […]


My latest waste of time obsession is creating ecards on I had no idea that you could design your own. Good fun.