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The Dismantling of Government 1.0

WikiLeaks is much like the Napster of 10 years ago, only with the matured anarchist intention of dismantling Government 1.0. My, how file sharing has grown up. It is ultimately irrelevant whether Julian Assange is a Dr. Doom or a Robin Hood: Pandora’s Box has been opened, and no one will be able to close […]

Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

As an advocate of disaster tourism, culture hacking, and the special olympics, I fully support the heckling and harassment of the AIG’s high echelon criminals, and the free market blowback rage that is currently threatening their lives. Relax, right? All laissez-faire economists should realize this is simply how the market corrects itself. Fuck with the […]

Capitalism is Magic

I like money, mostly because it buys ice cream and pills. But I just figured something out. The US government is trying to buy all of the bad debt in the universe in order to save us from annihilation, because they love us so much. What that translates to is that beginning next month, everyone […]

PowerPoint Karaoke

Holy Jesus, I think I have found my calling as corporate guerrilla ironist. In a typical event, a few brave people volunteer to “present” a random deck of slides pulled off the Web, or borrowed from friends or employers. (I first heard about PowerPoint Karaoke when an organizer asked if she could use a deck […]

Mock Rock

You’ve all probably seen these by now, but I’ve been in the studio the last two weekends, which makes them all the more punishingly funny. The most surreal and artfully decomposed mock-ups of all time perhaps. This is the Maiden one, the Metallica is also curl up on the floor funny. Wired put them up […]