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BOA: Die Already

In celebration of the possible Bank of America wikileaks takedown, I offer one of my own unpublished wikileaks: an old Bank of America customer service chat with “Emmanuel.” This is for reals. Emmanuel: How may I assist you today? You: I closed my account over a month ago and just received a service charge. You: […]

On Survivalism

Survivalists just kill me. The first thing on my post-apocalyptic agenda after voluntarily becoming a zombie will be to hunt down them all down. That’s the game, yo…


South Park hit a home run last night with a hilarious deconstruction of the economic crisis. Part Two Part Three

Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

As an advocate of disaster tourism, culture hacking, and the special olympics, I fully support the heckling and harassment of the AIG’s high echelon criminals, and the free market blowback rage that is currently threatening their lives. Relax, right? All laissez-faire economists should realize this is simply how the market corrects itself. Fuck with the […]

Of Quants and Kings

There is a lot of speculation that nerds contributed to the global financial meltdown with all their fancy pants statistical models that didn’t work. Neeeeeeerrrrrds! The story goes something like this: The nerds emigrated from physics and mathematics to wall street for better paying jobs and fancy cars. The banks needed them to do their […]