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The Jackassery of Traffic Laws

So fucking what. Traffic laws were intended for cars, face it. Bike infractions- running through red lights, stops signs (puhleez), are effectively tantamount to inane pedestrian offenses like jaywalking. As long as a cyclist is riding accountably, who cares about traffic laws made for bigger, dumber vehicles. Anyone that thinks bikers need to obey traffic […]

Capitalism is Magic

I like money, mostly because it buys ice cream and pills. But I just figured something out. The US government is trying to buy all of the bad debt in the universe in order to save us from annihilation, because they love us so much. What that translates to is that beginning next month, everyone […]

Smoke Out

Somewhere in the misty lands of corporate america, a building super is getting tough on smoking. Because that’s your job in a bureaucracy, making everyone else’s job more difficult. I’m not really kidding. Management has to justify their existence. Smoking – Smoking is permitted in the designated area in the lower deck where the benches […]