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Dragon*Con 2009

This was the first D*Con that I actually bought a badge for, although admittedly too late and only for one day. Peachtree Center food court still I think the best place to get great candids of Troopers windin’ down, getting their Gyro on, etc. Also should have started watching the parade from Woodruff, not the […]

On Survivalism

Survivalists just kill me. The first thing on my post-apocalyptic agenda after voluntarily becoming a zombie will be to hunt down them all down. That’s the game, yo…

Holy Mountain

The bizzaro film ‘Holy Mountain‘ was playing at 529 last night after Marnie Stern played. A definite candidate for drug movie night.

Ted Shred!

freewheel brakeless is the new fixie..

Kelis Sex Pickle

A recent comment spam I thought I should share. I confess to being very intrigued. She neck sings, “Let’s configuration a flick case in point blocking, infant,” on the Rockwilder-produced run to mum , although don’t chronometer a Kelis sex pickle to hit the Internet anytime soon. “It’s ably-wishing of like a misunderstanding CD,” the […]