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BOA: Die Already

In celebration of the possible Bank of America wikileaks takedown, I offer one of my own unpublished wikileaks: an old Bank of America customer service chat with “Emmanuel.” This is for reals. Emmanuel: How may I assist you today? You: I closed my account over a month ago and just received a service charge. You: […]

Smoke Out

Somewhere in the misty lands of corporate america, a building super is getting tough on smoking. Because that’s your job in a bureaucracy, making everyone else’s job more difficult. I’m not really kidding. Management has to justify their existence. Smoking – Smoking is permitted in the designated area in the lower deck where the benches […]

Meta-Factchecking gettin all meta-psychological on our ass. Now I’ve been a pious fan of research cherry-picking watchdog groups for about as long I’ve been politically aware and internet enabled, and perhaps therein lies part of the problem, one man’s statistically sound study, another man’s crock-full-a… But Factcheck, who remain all too infrequent and obscure, contemplate […]

Chocolate Chill Out

4am. Been working the overnights lately and seen my bedtime creep from the usual 3am to 6am. Finishing early tonight. Enjoying some ice cream, which got me thinking, they should have a mix of chocolate and Combos, my other favorite late night snack. That’s right the cheese filled pretzels. Ok, I just tried it, and […]

Red Tape

Is it worth it to rage against something intangible like bureaucracy? I imagine not. Why is ‘collective man’ so fucking useless? The Kafka within me just won’t submit quietly. Ok, instead of succumbing to fantasies of workplace violence, I’ll just listen to the Circle Jerks…