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Black Metal Theory

How fucking kvlt are you? My guess is that while you may dabble in a little weekend corpse paint, you have yet to venture into church burning. So you long for something to consummately up the devotion, fully engaging your creative black energies, but perhaps something more legal. Welcome to Black Metal Theory, the mutual […]

Run, Bank, Run

I had a dream last night that I pulled up to Dunkin Donuts drive-through and David Foster Wallace was working the window. He very routinely handed me my order, two donuts – one glazed, one chocolate cake- and a coffee, and then conspiratorially asked if I had anything else for him. I reached into the […]


Another good BBC documentary. Sartre…philosopher, playa. That picture of him with Robert Plant hair as a child kills me.

Camus in Algeria

Eventually, I knew something with Albert Camus would turn up on The Youtubes, which should be renamed JesusTubes, because it is as awesome as Jesus, and maybe even more influential. I don’t think I’ve ever seen video of Albert Camus before, but here he is being interviewed at a soccer game in Algeria, the country […]