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Defending the Indifferents

While it is amusing to see some psych-research pains taken to quantify nebulous existential entities such as ‘meaningfulness’ and their underlying sociology, I take issue with this egregious conflation of indifference and apathy: The existentially indifferent appear to live a life of complacency, with few highs and little or no introspection. As Schnell puts it, […]


We all know some pretty ridiculously self-delusional types, but I like the idea that it’s a necessary evil, in the strict ontological sense that a being simply cannot know itself, like the architectural flaw of the eye that cannot see itself. Theory goes that without it we’d all realize we were pathetic mediocre slobs full […]


Brand Obama is certainly indisputable. If nothing else, sales of Obama merchandise alone might get us out of the great depression part 2 the quickening. Perhaps Obama branded merchandise could actually be the next Big Bubble. Good luck, Obama dude, you’ve got quite a mythology to live up to. Obama as Jesus. Obama as hipster […]

Be A Good Tool

I don’t even pretend to understand Generation SKINNY-jeans, and why would I? All generations should mind their own business. But I have to depart some good old fashioned world-weary advice on someone, and the interwebs are for sharing. Ready? Here it is: government is not a panacea. Just kidding. Of course it is. Save Circuit […]

Light My Fire

Note to self: anger goes much further in virtual worlds. The next time I feel like self-immolating, I’ll be sure to do it in Some Other Life.