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Black Metal Theory

How fucking kvlt are you? My guess is that while you may dabble in a little weekend corpse paint, you have yet to venture into church burning. So you long for something to consummately up the devotion, fully engaging your creative black energies, but perhaps something more legal. Welcome to Black Metal Theory, the mutual […]

Ghost in the MaSheen

Initially I had high, if not unrealistic, hopes for Charlie Sheen’s enigmatic ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth’ appearance. If Sheen was the √úbermensch from Mars, as previously postulated, then his alien lexicon certainly must have a metaphysics to match. I hoped for more tirades, phantasmagorical tangents and deeper forays into Warlockian cosmology. Forget petty deliberations about […]

God is Dead, Sheen is #Winning

CBS need look no further than 1976 satire ‘Network’ in dealing with the Howard Beale Charlie Sheen situation. The world wants solipsistic rant master Charlie Sheen and full televised access to his 24×7 Dionysian revelry. Screw the lame sitcom. Give Charlie Sheen his own fucking show, with all the money and drugs he needs, and […]

Defending the Indifferents

While it is amusing to see some psych-research pains taken to quantify nebulous existential entities such as ‘meaningfulness’ and their underlying sociology, I take issue with this egregious conflation of indifference and apathy: The existentially indifferent appear to live a life of complacency, with few highs and little or no introspection. As Schnell puts it, […]


Long, somewhat overdone, philosophical analysis of the cult of Rambo. I remember reading the book First Blood as a young boy scout, before seeing the movie, and really liking it. Had no idea back then that this book was originally published in 1972. Rambo was the coolest male survivalist role model for young boys with […]