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The Dismantling of Government 1.0

WikiLeaks is much like the Napster of 10 years ago, only with the matured anarchist intention of dismantling Government 1.0. My, how file sharing has grown up. It is ultimately irrelevant whether Julian Assange is a Dr. Doom or a Robin Hood: Pandora’s Box has been opened, and no one will be able to close […]

BOA: Die Already

In celebration of the possible Bank of America wikileaks takedown, I offer one of my own unpublished wikileaks: an old Bank of America customer service chat with “Emmanuel.” This is for reals. Emmanuel: How may I assist you today? You: I closed my account over a month ago and just received a service charge. You: […]

GOP Ripped

I have latched on to the GOP-are-statist-hypocrites meme and I am not letting go. I fucking love it when Libertarians rip on the GOP! If the Republitards were in power right now we would have a similarly sized stimulus package with a different name. Something like, “Heterosexuals, Guns n’ Freedom- Why Do You Hate America […]

Child Man

What’s worse than a man-child? A child-man. The new face of the Republican party:

Pork Sandwhich

Perhaps there is no getting around pork when it comes to a good redistribution of wealth sandwich. When congressional leaders began to assemble the mammoth economic stimulus bill, top Democrats and the Obama administration decided that there would be no earmarks: no “special projects,” no pork-barrel spending. In so doing, they gave up some control […]