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A Surly Road Warrior

Bikes are like cameras. Once you start with them you realize you need a different one for every occasion. BMX, Tarck, Track, 700cmx, road, beach cruiser and dutch city; they all have their time, place and function, none of which overlap very much. I wanted to build something with slightly multiple personalities: the soul of […]

TdF Excitement Update

More on the excitement of TdF that you are missing: Two riders shot (seriously, when does this ever happen?) Spectator death. Earpiece politics. Controversial calls. Don’t forget the twittering chalkbot, who threatens to surpass the tweeting of all time TdF tweeting champion, Lance Armstrong. And of course, bad-ass crashes. In honor of Jens Voigt, I […]


We know why you wouldn’t watch the Tour de France, but don’t forget about the wipeouts. And in case you weren’t aware, Lance Armstrong twitters. Oh the excitement.