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BOA: Die Already

In celebration of the possible Bank of America wikileaks takedown, I offer one of my own unpublished wikileaks: an old Bank of America customer service chat with “Emmanuel.” This is for reals. Emmanuel: How may I assist you today? You: I closed my account over a month ago and just received a service charge. You: […]

Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

As an advocate of disaster tourism, culture hacking, and the special olympics, I fully support the heckling and harassment of the AIG’s high echelon criminals, and the free market blowback rage that is currently threatening their lives. Relax, right? All laissez-faire economists should realize this is simply how the market corrects itself. Fuck with the […]

Smoke Out

Somewhere in the misty lands of corporate america, a building super is getting tough on smoking. Because that’s your job in a bureaucracy, making everyone else’s job more difficult. I’m not really kidding. Management has to justify their existence. Smoking – Smoking is permitted in the designated area in the lower deck where the benches […]

Ethanol Pipe Dream

The ethanol issue is a wonderful example of delusional and self-serving government, pipe dreaming about energy independence. Economists argue that making ethanol from corn wouldn’t make any sense without the government’s help. The mix of federal and state subsidies to corn ethanol amounted to a conservative estimate of $5 billion to $7 billion in 2006, […]