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The Dismantling of Government 1.0

WikiLeaks is much like the Napster of 10 years ago, only with the matured anarchist intention of dismantling Government 1.0. My, how file sharing has grown up. It is ultimately irrelevant whether Julian Assange is a Dr. Doom or a Robin Hood: Pandora’s Box has been opened, and no one will be able to close […]

Retro Goodness

Retro is the new netbook.

Light My Fire

Note to self: anger goes much further in virtual worlds. The next time I feel like self-immolating, I’ll be sure to do it in Some Other Life.

Kill Your TV

Last week I watched Battlestar Galactica on my computer, full screen, 10 hours before it aired on the sci-fi channel. There were 3 or 4 Intel commercials that were really short. I think networks are starting to get the picture. TV is going away, like CDs are, and like radio is, like all traditional media […]

The Webcam Is The New Mirror

Mesmerized with Animal Planetesque curiosity I watched and listened to two very young hipsters have a conversation amid a flurry of electronic interruptions in a coffee shop and for the first time really noted the difference between the generation that has grown up inundated with technology and my own, which didn’t even really have a […]