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God is Dead, Sheen is #Winning

CBS need look no further than 1976 satire ‘Network’ in dealing with the Howard Beale Charlie Sheen situation. The world wants solipsistic rant master Charlie Sheen and full televised access to his 24×7 Dionysian revelry. Screw the lame sitcom. Give Charlie Sheen his own fucking show, with all the money and drugs he needs, and […]


While I’ve always felt somewhat estranged from the world of puzzles and games, I don’t agree that it is an activity that is necessarily at odds with reading or other creative pursuits. But this dude does: It’s a terrible thing to behold: on commuter trains, in Starbucks, in offices, the Slaves of Sudoku hunched over […]

Kill Your TV

Last week I watched Battlestar Galactica on my computer, full screen, 10 hours before it aired on the sci-fi channel. There were 3 or 4 Intel commercials that were really short. I think networks are starting to get the picture. TV is going away, like CDs are, and like radio is, like all traditional media […]


That was all very high-brow. But like Nietzsche said, the “very great philosophy so far has been…the personal confession of its author and a kind of involuntary and unconscious memoir.” So here’s a low-brow guilty pleasure of mine, POD. Well, this one song. Takes you back to like…’02 or somethin’!

Bad Shoes

This has been said many places before, and I’ve been wanting to say it for a long time, but keep forgetting. See these shoes, or clogs or “crocs,” or whatever the fuck they are? I hate these shoes with a passion that defies all logic. Please don’t wear them within eyesight of me or I […]