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God is Dead, Sheen is #Winning

CBS need look no further than 1976 satire ‘Network’ in dealing with the Howard Beale Charlie Sheen situation. The world wants solipsistic rant master Charlie Sheen and full televised access to his 24×7 Dionysian revelry. Screw the lame sitcom. Give Charlie Sheen his own fucking show, with all the money and drugs he needs, and […]


South Park hit a home run last night with a hilarious deconstruction of the economic crisis. Part Two Part Three

Holy Mountain

The bizzaro film ‘Holy Mountain‘ was playing at 529 last night after Marnie Stern played. A definite candidate for drug movie night.

BSG goes U.N.

Sadly, the worst part of Battlestar Galactica is what most people celebrate about it, the humanity, the overreaching emotions, the so very obvious, forced allegories. They way overdo it. If you watch the show and witnessed Adama’s 17th emotional breakdown last week you know what I mean. More Cylon trickery and less human-cylon reconciliation bullshit! […]

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LOST finds its perfect mate in the interwebs, where it receives unlimited psychedelic analysis from user communities around the world with way too much time on their hands. The show itself however, is perhaps just a comedic play on apophenia: Apophenia is the perception of patterns, or connections, where in fact none exist. Most psychologists […]