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California – Los Padres / PCH

In early June I went out to Cali for my cousin Caroline’s wedding and then spent a few days in the Los Padres before shredding the PCH from Carmel to San Luis Obispo. Camped at Upper Oso in the Los Padres which was super chill. The campground steward/wizard was this old bearded hippy that lived […]

Biking the Czech Greenways – Wien to Mistelbach

This is long overdue. Last September I indulged in my first proper European bike tour. I had spent 6 weeks working in Bratislava, SK and Brno, CZ and it didn’t take much googling to discover a wonderful network of paths and roads called the Prague-Vienna Greenways, that traverses pastoral countryside littered with UNESCO gems, castles, […]

Steelworkers of the Information Age

I arrived in Bratislava three weeks ago, tagged just a week before that to assist in top-secret corporate offshore training efforts. Top-secret really only to back office workers in the states who don’t have a clue what the ultimate endgame might be. All we know is that we are getting laid off at a pretty […]

Cuba’s Revolutionary Nostalgia

Cuba, the football analogy: Indeed, to get a sense for what it’s like to be 18 and Cuban these days, imagine going to a high school that won a miraculous and inspiring football championship in 1959. The guy that quarterbacked the team some 50 years ago is still wearing the same damned uniform—only now he’s […]

MacBook Wheel

Damn. Just when I built myself another computer for half the price of an Apple, Mac comes out with this game changer… Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard