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ARG Parody

I’m in love with the ideas behind The Jejune Institute, a fake retro new-agey techno-cult, and an alternate reality game, all neatly wrapped into one deliciously absurdist package. We need more reality subversion these days. This shit is brilliant.

Toilet Repair Made Easy

The first in a continuing series of home improvement tutorials brought to you because Barack Obama inspires me to give something back. Tools: wrench, channel lock, kick-ass power screwdriver. Use tools as intuition directs you. Add anger where necessary. In the end, the toilet will comply.


Why I love philosophy… Actualism: To understand the thesis of actualism, consider the following example. Imagine a race of beings — call them ‘Aliens’ — that is very different from any life-form that exists anywhere in the universe; different enough, in fact, that no actually existing thing could have been an Alien, any more than […]

Stringer Bell: Econ 101

Stringer Bell from The Wire with pragmatic business advice for the American automotive industry seen here in season 3 episode 1. (skip to 1:30 for this) “Your territory ain’t gonna mean shit, if your product is weak. Go ahead and ask them motherfuckers trying to sell them Ford tentpoles and you got niggas riding around […]

A Plea To Americans

We must save Circuit City. In these dark times of bank failures and evil terrorist debts wreaking havoc upon our nation letting Circuit City fail would have a disastrous ripple effect. A financial tsunami like none before it…or like several before it. But even worse, it would take away one of the few remaining places […]