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ATL Crime Update

Tonight I hear about 4 bars being robbed early Thursday AM. 4 in the same night! Not to mention a fatal stabbing in Piedmont Park (male-hustling related or not…we’ve all been there.) City council-lady robbed for the 3rd time in 9 months. A woman attacked during a home invasion. After being burgled, I have been […]

Crime and Punishment in Atlantis

As you might know from the Facebooks, I got burgled last week on Easter. Burgled. Ransacked. Pillaged. Crunked. All I can do is try and recreate it in my mind the way you imagine someone else’s story. Completely insufficient details. Vague and blurry images of quick footed individuals (kids? trolls? terminators? baby Jesus?) kicking in […]

Marta Mugging Gone Wrong

Local crime youtube voyeurism is becoming a favourite pastime of mine.

Little Brother

UPDATE: busted. I am all for “little brother” when it comes to nabbing clowns like these. Several videos of them on youtube. Idiots. Still, impressively quick work. This email is from a Grant Park resident who lives on Broyles at Orleans:’ To let everyone know and to pass the word around, our house was broken […]