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Tombs: Gossamer

Amazing debut from this band.


Dude, if you haven’t checked out the latest Mastodon masterpiece, Crack the Skye, then you needs to get a checkin’…this shit is EPIC. If you don’t like metal than beat it, pussy. (Apologies for the MTV embed with 15 sec commercial, couldn’t find it without.) Mastodon – New Music – More Music Videos

Note to Music Clubs

One would think that shiny interwebs technology would have created a revolution in event calendaring technology to some degree. But even with sites like upcoming.org, so many clubs (most!) fail to offer their show listings as some sort of subscribable feed, even something as simple as an RSS feed on their website. 529, the latest […]

True Norwegian Black Metal

Happy Ash Wednesday. Money quote, “You don’t perform black metal if you are not a warrior.” And dig the complete 2 minutes of awkward black metal affected silence at the end. -Hugs, Satan.

Preakness, tonight!

I will be designated drummer for The Preakness tonight at The Earl. One night only! Tue January 27, 2009 | 8:30PM | $8 OK Productions presents : Colourmusic The Preakness So So Death