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Pork Sandwhich

Perhaps there is no getting around pork when it comes to a good redistribution of wealth sandwich. When congressional leaders began to assemble the mammoth economic stimulus bill, top Democrats and the Obama administration decided that there would be no earmarks: no “special projects,” no pork-barrel spending. In so doing, they gave up some control […]

Obama Good

Good Obama, pleasing even some of those curmudgeon libertarians already. And nerds everywhere are inspired by the recent changes to the whitehouse.gov robots.txt, and the Obama Team’s more savvy use of internet technologies. Plus, dude will get to keep his blackberry AND use a Sectera Edge for more presidential matters. Imagine that…a president that wants […]


Brand Obama is certainly indisputable. If nothing else, sales of Obama merchandise alone might get us out of the great depression part 2 the quickening. Perhaps Obama branded merchandise could actually be the next Big Bubble. Good luck, Obama dude, you’ve got quite a mythology to live up to. Obama as Jesus. Obama as hipster […]

The Libertarian Case for Obama

We know that neither candidate approaches the Libertarian purity of Ron Paul, but here is the libertarian case for Obama by Reason’s Terry Michael: 1. Sen. Obama has met at least one war he doesn’t love. His early pronouncements against the criminal enterprise in Iraq are enough reason, in themselves, to vote his way on […]