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How can yoga help me manage the stress

How can yoga help me manage the stress

The benefits of yoga are of course very numerous. It is enough to take a suitable course to immediately realize the relaxation and regeneration that follows. But do you know that yoga has many other benefits that are far more profound and lasting than the simple feeling of well-being after class?

The benefits of Yoga: how to fight against stress

Do you want to fight stress, learn how to deal with stress, and are you looking for a natural anti-stress remedy?

Is your back in pain, do you feel stiff or would you like to gain flexibility?

Do you feel like you can’t breathe or do you get out of breath at the slightest movement?

Yoga classes allow you to rediscover the pleasure of feeling good whatever your expectations, your age, or your lifestyle is. Whether you are an accomplished athlete or not, whether you are doing yoga beginner or confirmed.

In general, we could say that the benefits of yoga are at the same time physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, especially if we take into account that, except for medical contraindications, yoga can be practiced by all. You just have to choose the yoga that suits your desires, your body, and your situation ( for example if you are pregnant ).

1.       Benefits of yoga: balance and harmony of the body / mind / spirit relationship

2.       Benefits of yoga: soothing migraines

3.       Benefits of yoga: promotes sleep and lowers the risk of insomnia

4.       Benefits of yoga: promotes concentration

5.       Benefits of yoga: develops better management of stress and emotions

6.       Benefits of Yoga: A Natural Stress Reliever: Yoga Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety

7.       Benefits of yoga: softens muscles and promotes joint mobility

8.       Benefits of yoga: sculpts and builds body strength

9.       Benefits of Yoga: Develop Your Respiratory Capacity and Improve Digestive and Hormonal System Function

10.   Benefits of yoga: fluidities blood and energy circulation

11.   Benefits of yoga: cleanses the organs and purifies them

These many benefits can be more particularly associated with certain exercises, which we develop below:

The  benefits of yoga-related to  postures  or “asanas”

Yoga postures:

soften the body and spine

strengthen the immune system

revitalize the internal organs, in particular, thanks to) postures which gently “massage” our organs

allow better circulation of energy throughout the body

develop musculature, by engaging the whole body (even high-level athletes will re-discover certain muscles)

Develop concentration

increase your endurance

provide relief to women who have painful menstrual cycles

The  benefits of yoga-related to pranayama, or the art of breathing


Develops the rib cage, improves our breathing and breathing

Relaxes body and mind

Promotes better stress management

Helps eliminate toxins from our body

Allows a perfect circulation of vital energy

Promotes better sleep

Fluidizes blood circulation

Improves digestion

The  benefits of yoga-related to meditation

Meditation :

Harmonize our intellectual faculties,

Develops clairvoyance and creative thinking

Promotes the joy of living

Decreases negative thoughts

Engage in spiritual evolution

Emphasizes self-control

Develop tolerance

The  benefits of yoga-related to relaxation


Relaxes, both mentally and physically

Promotes better stress management

Helps to adopt a positive attitude and to drive away negative thoughts

Improves the quality of sleep.

How to benefit from all the benefits of yoga?

 A word from Céline Miconnet

I have been teaching Yoga since 1995. I started with traditional Indian yoga first, then I specialized in Iyengar yoga for 12 years.

Then I needed to develop a more holistic, more complete yoga, which allows me to respond more effectively to your problems.

This Yoga connects the body, the mind, and the energy. It allows me to teach

Postural yoga (same precision as Iyengar Yoga)

Meditation, which is not taught in Iyengar Yoga

Energy techniques, linked to traditional Indian yoga

Development techniques per sonnel


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