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How much stress does homework cause

How much stress does homework cause

What is stress ?

Do you feel in danger? The body is well done, because, thanks to it, you will trigger an almost immediate defense system to help you flee or fight! It is a physiological stress response. You are then alert, dynamic, and your concentration is optimal. Because the goal of stress is to allow you to act coherently in the face of an embarrassing or complex situation.

However, while stress is useful and vital from time to time, it is nonetheless deleterious if it manifests itself repeatedly for no apparent reason or need. This is called chronic stress.

Symptoms of stress

Your legs shake, your heart pound, your hands shake and your breathing quickens. Everything is jostling in your head and you are in dire straits. Moreover, the list of symptoms of stress is long and not exhaustive. Nevertheless, certain signs do not deceive insomnia, ruminations, unexplained anger, forgetfulness, migraines… When the stress is too present, it is necessary to be concerned about it, because, in the long course, it can endanger your body and your psyche.

Five main causes of stress 

You don’t suffer from stress for no reason. It can come from an external factor such as surrounding noise or a change of season. But it can also come from an “inner” stimulus such as an overflow of emotion or a lack of self-confidence. Discover here the five main causes of stress in everyday life.

Work overload: the most representative professional stressor

Files are piling up on your desk and the phone just keeps ringing! You are running all over the place and you haven’t even had time to eat lunch! There are many causes of stress at work, and overwork is one of them. Personal development takes a back seat and the fear of dismissal causes a lot of damage to those who are lagging. So we do more to be up to the task, at the risk of leaving feathers there. Poorly evaluated workforce, poorly distributed tasks, excessive overtime, deadlines to be respected, are all factors conducive to stress, depression, and even burnout.

Relationship difficulties: fear of asserting oneself can generate stress

Relational life is at the heart of our daily life and can cause stress or even discomfort. When some people approach public speaking with confidence, others will be terrified of saying a single word during lunch with friends. Expressing specific requests, accepting criticism or compliments, knowing how to say no without feeling guilty, ending a conversation, listening, and responding flexibly could be part of a company’s “ideal” communication. However, our expectations, fears, emotions, education, doubts, and feelings can be a barrier to coherent communication. So stress takes precedence over discernment. And we catch ourselves stammering as soon as we open our mouths, not to dare to say what you think, to slam the door for lack of composure, to ruminate in your corner so as not to explode, to turn pale at the slightest reflection, in short, to be in total disagreement with yourself – even for fear of asserting oneself.

Financial problems: stress that is difficult to manage on a daily basis

Over-indebtedness, insolvent loans, poor budget management, difficult ends of the month, financial problems are often a source of stress and anxiety. All the more so if the social, professional, or family status is in danger. In addition to the lack of money, especially when you take family members with you. If the problem is one-off, it is of no consequence for the future. On the other hand, if it is recurrent, it can seriously damage mental health. C some will give up and isolate themselves, others are in denial and multiply compulsive shopping, still, others will tighten the belt to go after their debt. In all cases, the emotional and physical balance will be affected.

Studies: a legitimate cause of stress

The causes of stress in young people are common and studies are one of them. Entering a higher school or university is a real obstacle course. Even more so if competition is the key. Pursuing his studies today is almost unconscious as the professional future of these students fond of “knowledge” is opaque and uncertain. Hence recurring anxiety before, during, and after their studies. But that’s not all. The overload of lectures, the little time allotted to “swallow” everything, the lack of sleep, memorization disorders, intellectual and physical fatigue, only aggravate the stress of students, who are already well prepared for learning. Added to that is the compelling desire not to disappoint those around them and to brilliantly get their diploma to start working life. Difficult in this case to approach studies with serenity …

Children: source of happiness but also source of stress

Ah, our children… These little cherubs fill us with happiness and put us into ecstasy with each of their new feats: the first tooth, the first step, the first word… But they are also a source of stress … daily! Between homework, nighttime fevers that persist, cries and arguments among siblings, toys lying around, refusals, crying, how to keep calm and not stress? But there is also our recurring guilt if our children are not happy or if they have bad grades in school. We can also evoke adolescence and its setbacks. Not to mention the worry of seeing them grow up and finally become adults to succeed in their professional and family life. Phew! All this requires a lot of energy and a good dose of hindsight that is often difficult to achieve.

There are solutions to stress

The TheraSerena program is proof of this. With behavioral and cognitive therapies, you can overcome your anxiety, manage your emotions and tackle the stressors of your daily life with fullness.


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