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The effects of stress in a business

The effects of stress in a business

The effects of stress in business are diverse and varied. They can vary according to the type of anxiety and the people but have several points in common. A reduction in the quality of work or an impact on health are among the examples of possible repercussions. Knowing the consequences of prolonged exposure to stress helps guard against risks. But then, what are they?

Lack of efficiency

When you find yourself in a state of stress, you face a
lack of efficiency at work. Your capacities are diminishing and you cannot process cases properly. Its effects are indeed formidable at this level. The quality of your work cannot then remain the same as that of everyday life. Another problem arises at the same time, that of the organization. You will not advance at the same speed as in normal times and will thus accumulate delay. Additional delays will disrupt your daily life and change your schedule. The consequences remain the same for your employees.

The economic risk

Stress affects the quality of your work as well as that of your employees. This factor includes another risk, that of the economy. During a period of great stress, the repercussions could be felt at the company level, resulting in a possible loss of money. Don’t let stress overwhelm you so much! Stay in control. You remain the leader of your company, which implies that its good management is yours. So, do your best to manage this factor and keep your business on track. The same goes for your employees. Stress costs between 800 million and 1.6 billion euros per year. A significant loss of money to be avoided.

Lack of concentration

When you are under stress, being able to stay focused is a real challenge. Anxiety takes all the place, if you let it last, and greatly reduces the quality of your efforts as well as your ambition. You are, no doubt, looking for a way to reduce the level of anxiety, but during this time it continues to work and prevents you from working. Make sure that it does not take over, with you as with your employees.

Adverse health effects

In addition to the effects felt on work, a certain impact on health
is also felt. According to The Workforce View survey carried out by ADP in Europe 2019, France is in 3rd place among the European countries where employees feel stressed on a daily basis, behind Germany (20%) and Poland (25% ). 

According to the study, the French are still among the most stressed employees: almost one in five respondents (19%) experience daily stress at work. 31% of those polled also think that their employer is not at all interested in their psychological well-being and 41% say that their interest is only superficial, which is, in both cases, higher than the European average . Sad record, France is in 3rd place among European countries where employees feel stressed on a daily basis, behind Germany (20%) and Poland (25%).

About 20% of European employees believe that their health is affected by stress problems at work, according to the website of the SME Portal. In France, 60% of employees also find that the level of stress has a negative impact on their health, according to the Express. This impact occupies a major place in business. This factor leads to medical problems such as cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders or even causing depression. The risk of accident is also increased with the state in which one finds oneself. So, make sure you do everything to limit daily stress as much as possible.

A great demotivation

Stress not only causes a decrease in the efficiency of your work, but, on top of that, it causes a decrease in motivation and your creativity. When you are overwhelmed by stress, thinking becomes difficult. You will then not find the motivation necessary to accomplish your daily tasks. Likewise, to wake you up and go to the office in the morning…
Finding the strength to do such mundane things as these actions will amount to great difficulty. So don’t let that get you down!

The risk of burnout  

One of the biggest risks associated with stress remains burnout. This is a burnout linked to overwork, due to the continuous accumulation of stress. The state of burnout does not appear overnight but sets in gradually. It occurs when you have exhausted your physical, mental and emotional resources. Make sure that neither you nor one of your employees arrives at this stage! Otherwise, those affected will experience loss of energy, insomnia or even pain and other symptoms. Avoid at all costs!

Create a bad atmosphere

One of the many effects of stress remains the creation of a bad atmosphere within the company. It makes you lose your sense of humor, your good humor, makes you feel like everything is wrong and makes you irritable. Repercussions on all of your work environment will then necessarily be felt. In the event that stress overwhelms you, you risk instilling your bad mood and unintentionally impairing overall productivity. Fight stress to maintain a pleasant atmosphere conducive to a good working environment.

An increase in absenteeism

Another big risk linked to stress: absenteeism. The danger that it overwhelms you to the point of not being able to come to the office is still very present in your job. Absenteeism is therefore a major problem affecting companies, which can affect your employees as well as you as a manager.

Stress remains, even today, a big problem in business and causes various negative repercussions in the daily life. Create a pleasant atmosphere within your firm to promote working conditions and reduce the causes linked to stress!


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