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Who to consult the stress

who to consult the stress

One could argue that there are as many specialists as there are degrees of stress. We will not consult the same person, depending on whether we already suffer from significant symptoms related to stress, or whether we want to learn to relax to avoid being too stressed. We will not call on the same interlocutor to manage professional stress, or to alleviate personal stress.

Stress and work

  • The work psychologist  : this is a specialist who has studied for several years and has focused his research on the world of work. He intervenes in the organizational and relational environment of the company when there is a problem in this area. It is generally the company manager, who calls on his services in order to improve the functioning of a service or to fight against the stress of his employees to improve performance.
  • The ergonomist  : like the work psychologist, he intervenes in the professional field. He specializes in the layout of the workplace and offers solutions to improve organization and improve working conditions.
  • The occupational physician  : he ensures that each employee works in an ergonomic and secure environment, that he is not subjected to various pollution – noise, dust, ill-suited air conditioning / heating … – and that he takes breaks sufficient when working on screen.
  • The trainer and the coach  : they are called on occasionally to improve the techniques and knowledge of the employees. Indeed, an employee – as efficient as he is – must be regularly trained in new technologies so as not to lose his operational qualities. For example, a secretary who is no longer trained in new office automation ends up losing efficiency and speed, which will end up generating stress within her team.

Stress and daily life

  • The attending physician  : when the symptoms are present and persistent (physical and nervous fatigue, depression, stomach aches, regular headaches, etc.), do not hesitate to consult your doctor. It will provide invaluable help in treating the symptoms and it may be useful to start a psychoanalysis or to get help from a psychotherapist, in the case of an installed depression.
  • The naturopath , the aromatherapist, the psychotherapist  : they will help you improve your lifestyle, identify what can be improved in your lifestyle (diet, physical activity, sleep …), find the right remedy that is both natural and brings better relaxation in the face of life issues.
  • Sophrologist , relaxologist , energy therapist  : they allow you to work both on the body (muscle relaxation) and on the mind (concentration, positive visualization of future and anxiety-inducing events, etc.).
  • The life coach  : this job has appeared quite recently. It is advisable to express some reservations and not to rush headlong into any person exercising a coaching profession. Take your information because there is a bit of everything behind this name. However, you will find very serious people and real “trainers” who will know how to be of great help for your development and your motivation.
  • Trainers  : depending on the degree and type of stress suffered, you may need training in personal development (knowing how to manage conflicts, improve relationships thanks to NLP, be better with others thanks to NVC – Communication No -Violent …) or an organizational trainer (learning to manage priorities, manage time, get organized on a daily basis …).

In many cases, if we cannot decide: the best is to deal with several specialists and see which one best meets our own expectations.


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